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A collaboration with Kakeru

a music and coffee pairing...

Recently I was commissioned to curate a 15-minute selection of my music for Koffee Mameya Kakeru, the coffee shop/bar in the coffee mecca of Kiyosumi Shirakawa in East Tokyo. Kakeru were planning a launch event of this gorgeous Teno Speaker from Lumio, the company who make those lovely book lights.

The team at Kakeru chose a particularly special coffee to be served at the event and gave me a brief of how they wanted the music to shift so the feeling matched well with the 15-minute brewing → serving → drinking phases.

I had wanted to design a piece of music for Kakeru after I visited earlier this year and heard them playing one of my tracks in their stunning space. The music matched so well with the stunning architecture and peaceful atmosphere. After that visit, I set about composing specifically for their space.

I've long been fascinated with creating soundtracks for spaces and fully understanding what music would work in a certain atmosphere so when the opportunity came up to curate something for the Kakeru x Teno event, I practically jumped at the opportunity.

Listen to more music from my album Motion; a collection of pieces that were composed whilst living on a narrowboat in central London.

Motion by Simon James French


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