Simon James French

A quest to follow my curiosity

aka How to Become Less Boring.

I’ll be honest—I’ve hit this weird rut where I keep having this thought that I’m boring, or living a somewhat boring life.

Having a thought like that, no matter whether it’s true or not, is usually some kind of wake up call I guess. Time to wake up.

Time to get back into writing and sharing my passions and chasing creativity and curiosity. Even if no one reads this, I can use these words to hold myself accountable.

If I think about it, I know my life is anything but “boring”, but sometimes I need a little reminder and these words will serve as that. Sometimes it’s too easy to get caught up in life that you forget the interesting stuff.

They say you should pay attention to who you are jealous of as that will show you the person you want to be. I will start paying more attention and focus on becoming the person I want to be.

I’m on a quest to chase my curiosity.


Exploring Kyoto. May, 2022


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